The Sacramentalist w/Elizabeth Shauby 💒

☎️BizBoost: Parler for Ministries vs. Twitter. What is Parler? by Elizabeth Shauby

June 20, 2019

So what is happening with this Parler Social App situation?

First, it's absolutely not what it seems. Yes its all about countering Twitters anti-conservative and anti-religious actions. But, Parler plans to be much more than random acts of whatereverness. 

The badges are very important. No badge will eventually be non-effective communications on their platform.

A Verified Badge is good and gives the user a bit more leverage and control. But all and all its just a step.

The most important aspect, as far as I can tell, into what Parler is developing… is a community that is effective in solid messaging with actual people, businesses and publishers. You can jump on their stuff and you can follow and be followed but the badge is what will make it all viable.  Twitter verified did little for any conservative christian voice, because Twitter was acting as the little OZ behind the scenes. Instead Parler vets its people and the vetted people make things happen on Parler. 

Are they over the top with I love Trump posts.....yes. Listen for more in-depth.