The Sacramentalist w/Elizabeth Shauby 💒

💒 Coaching: Superstition vs. Sacraments & What About Bible Alone? By Elizabeth Shauby a Sacrament Life Ministry

August 1, 2019

Difference between superstition and the Sacraments. How does by the Bible alone fit in?

Superstition is driven by unease, tension and fear.

The Sacraments infuse peace, courage, resolve and healthy fear.

Superstition has nothing to do with the scapular, or the miraculous medal or vows. Yet, superstition is a hyper response to karma notions, self driven prophecy and old wives tales.

A small boy opened an umbrella in the house and the grandmother cried for days saying something horrible would happen. A girl walked under a ladder and her aunt went bonkers. A house was struck by lightning and the mom was gleeful that it would never happen again. That is superstition that removes God entirely. It makes the thing Ladder, Umbrella, Lightening the source. These tales are great for humor but too many people make these tales truth in association with Religion. They are not.

Lots more on this so listen in...