The Sacramentalist w/Elizabeth Shauby 💒

💒Coaching: Psychology vs. Sacraments: Who is winning & who is supporting what? By Elizabeth Shauby a Sacrament Life Ministry

July 29, 2019

Psychology vs. Sacraments: Who is winning and why?

Psychology completely obliterates the priesthood. Why?
Catholic Radio more than Christian Radio has an underlying theme: personality disorders and mental disorders and a whole litany of other disorders are the talking points.

You know what God called those things? Spiritual affliction whether by the outside or the inside.

God never spoke of mental disorders, okay okay he was confused because psychology wasn’t invented yet, I get it.

It is the Job of the appointed priestly authority of a particular district to diagnosis spiritual not physical illness, yet the priesthood has gleefully skipped into the mental health field. This is juxtaposed to the mission of priests.

EWTN seems extremely comfortable with numerous psychology shows on its platform? Mother Angelica would never be proud of her network going into the realm of psychology versus the Sacraments.

If your son has an addiction and hates Christ in the presence of the Sacraments you got yourself a spiritual problem not a mental one.

But because a few nut jobs who screwed up the entirety of the Sacrament Life by acting crazy about deliverance, way back when, we now have priests looking like psychologist who are repulsed by the notion of deliverance….hows that workin out?

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